Muzzy Lane on “Office Hours with David Meltzer”

Muzzy Lane’s CEO, David McCool was a guest on “Office Hours with David Meltzer” – and it was a great segment! View the videos below or watch the full segment here.

“This is the perfect thing for athletes. Playing sports in college, to me, was far more valuable as far as soft skills, leadership skills, teamwork skills, critical reactive thinking, and a variety of things I wish they could have assessed. As a testament and endorsement of what Muzzy Lane is doing, if you are an athlete out there, please go to the XCredit project, because you’ll get a great assessment on other things that people may not get that you learned. We see all throughout the C-suite executives, through military and athletes, of what they have learned. They make great corporate leaders, corporate managers, directors, and employees. So, just an extra endorsement for Muzzy Lane at” – David Meltzer

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